Department of Mathematics FAS Harvard University One Oxford Street Cambridge MA 02138 USA Tel: (617) 495-2171 Fax: (617) 495-5132


Department of Mathematics Harvard University
One Oxford Street
Cambridge MA 02138 USA
To reach the department, please contact the main office Tel: (617) 495-2171, Fax: (617) 495-5132.


As of July 1, 2020, the Chair of the Mathematics Department is Michael Hopkins, Science Center,

Director of Graduate Studies

The director of graduate studies is Mark Kisin, Science center, 2nd Floor, For question about graduate studies in Mathematics, contact the graduate program administrator Marjorie Bell.

Director of Undergraduate Studies

The director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) is Cliff Taubes. For questions about concentration in Mathematics, contact the undergraduate student coordinator Cindy Jimenez.

Department Staff

Irene Minder is the department's director of finance and administration. You find a staff directory on the top of the resources page. For visitors, there is some more information as well as some pointers on computing.


The department directory contains a faculty listing (see also the Harvard FAS Mastheads), a staff listing, a list of graduate students, and a list visitors. See also the latest PDF of the printed department directory.


Mathematics research is done in various research areas. The junior faculty home pages, the visitor interests page, or the graduate student home pages contain more links. Check also the dissertation titles, senior thesis titles, mathematics seminar archive, open neighborhood seminar, snapshots of math at harvard, the faculty colloquium or the regular conferences like the CDM conference, the JDG conference or a topology conference, the conference archive or research programs like the eigenvarieties program 2006. Also the seminar talk archive, the undergraduate math events can give clues about activities. A good starting point on the web is also the MathSciNet search for "Harvard Mathematics" at AMS or a Google scholar search for "Harvard Mathematics".


The Mathematics department is located on the floors 2-5 in the Science center. Information how to reach the department is here. During the semesters, there is tea at 4 o'clock in the Math common room. On Fridays, there is usually "wine and cheese" available. (The name does not exclude "beer" and nonalcoholic drinks to be available).

Within Harvard

The mathematics department is part of the faculty of arts and sciences (FAS) at Harvard university. The department is located in the Science Center at 1 Oxford street in Cambridge near Boston in the state of Massachusetts. There is a virtual tour of Harvard.


To search all Harvard courses, start here. All Harvard courses can be searched on the catalog. Calculus courses are mainly taught in smaller sections. The preceptor group led by Robin Gottlieb coordinates the calculus program. Information about sectioning, advising and placement tests is located here. For questions, contact the calculus coordinator Susan Milano from the calculus office.


The department senior system administrator is Arthur Gaer. For computing support, please email computing@math. For information, start with the computing links and especially the frequently asked questions. Visitors wishing to use computing resources, find information here. For administrative purposes, there are Apple OSX and several Linux servers like for example a newer Sunfire X4150 Server with 2 quadcore Xeons, 8G Ram. For scientific computing, there is a 64-bit quad Sun Fire V480 Server with 22GB RAM, the a Linux cluster meccah is replaced by a Sun 16 core X4700 Opteron machine, called Alhambra.


Here is a list of Math courses which are part of all FAS courses. Some department members also teach at the Summer school or the Extension school and its Math for teaching Masters program. During the semester or in the summer, tutorials are organized. Information about current tutorials can be found in the tutorial pamphlet. All the pamphlets are listed here in HTML and PDF form. You can download all pamphlets together as a 30 page PDF document.


Directions to reach the department are on this page. To find your way around, check out the Google map, the Harvard university map. Here are some pictures of the science center.


The Librarian of the "laptop and cellphone free" Birkhoff library in the department is Nancy Miller. Nancy also is the contact to the registrar as well as book stores for course material. The chair of the Library committee is Curtis McMullen. The Science center locates also the Cabot library, one of the many libraries at Harvard. For more information to all Harvard libraries, start here.
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