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A history in Sum 150 Years of Mathematics at Harvard (1825-1975), by Steve Nadis and Shing-Tung Yau
Clark Elliott Bibliography on the History of the Sciences at Harvard (1636-1945)
Timeline About the early teaching of Mathematics at Harvard
Named Chairs Named Chairs
Department directories Scanned Directories, 1987-2014
Garrett Birkhoff Mathematics at Harvard, 1836-1944
Garrett Birkhoff The rise of modern Algebra, 1936-1950
Lao Genevra Simons Fabre and Mathematics and other Essays
Lao Genevra Simons Bibliography of Early American Textbooks on Algebra
Lithographs Old Lithographs of Harvard
Maps Old Maps of Harvard
Postcards Old Postcards of Harvard
PhDthesisPhD thesis since 1873
Old Thesis Old math thesis of Harvard
Models photos 2006Model collection of the department
Models photos 2012Model collection of the department
Views of Harvard A pictorial record to 1860
Howard H Aiken, Harvard and IBM"Science at Harvard University: historical perspectives"
J.Coolidge's article Mathematics at Harvard, 1870-1928
S. Battersons article [PDF]Bocher, Osgood, and the Ascendance of American Mathematics at Harvard (AMS)
ICM 1950 Information and links on ICM 1950 at Harvard and MIT
S.E.Morison, Harvard College in the 17'th century Mark I Manual for Mark I computer
Harvard University Press, 1946
Charles Haskins Harvard College in the 17'th century, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Photo of 1936 42. Summer Meeting of the Mathematical Organization of America, Cambridge, 1936
Images from: Views of Harvard.

Resources on Harvard Mathematicians

Old text books of Harvard Mathematicians


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