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Mathematics research at Harvard is done in various research areas. The senior faculty pages, the junior faculty home pages, the as well as the graduate student home pages contain links to personal pages. Check also the Mathematics seminar archive the faculty colloquium or regular conferences like the CDM conference, the JDG conference or a topology conference, or open problem sections of a recent conference, the conference archive or research programs like the eigenvarieties program 2006 or activities with the Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications. Also the seminar talk archive, the undergraduate math colloquium or thesis topics can give clues about activities. The program for evolutionary dynamics researches applications of Mathematics and Computer Science to Biology and the Harvard Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications are related. Starting points on the web are the MathSciNet search for "Harvard Mathematics" at AMS or a Google scholar search for "Harvard Mathematics". There is also a Harvard university scholarly repository with articles. And last but not least, watch the Youtube channel of the Math department.

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The Research Integrity Office (RIO) for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences promotes a culture of research integrity at FAS. It supports the Committee on Professional Conduct (CPC), which oversees research misconduct and related allegations. They have a lot of research resources online.

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