Math 22b Announcements (Switch to 22a)

22a Fall 2018,
PDF, 201 pages

22b Spring 2019,
PDF, 201 pages
Vector Calculus and Linear Algebra, Open Math Notes, 2018-2019 (404 pages together).
  • Update: September 27, 2019: a few former 22 students gathering. See the picture below.
  • The course documents for Math22a and Math22b have both been placed in the public domain by the author. Use it, rip it, copy it, reuse it, modify it, sell it. Of course, attribution as usual in academic settings is appreciated. Also corrections are always welcome.
  • Breaking news 5/17/2019: Grumpy Cat is dead. Don't worry, we are not to blame, despite having probed the issue in problem 12 final exam on May 15th. Grumpy cat already had passed away on May 14th. We can not be blamed for having opened a box ... In any case: RIP !.
September 27, 2019 gathering of a few former 22 students Click, to see the panorama large