Some .mp3 files of my music

  My Brandenburg Concerto #7 (no kidding!), premiered by the Metamorphosen Chamber Orchestra the 27th of September, 2003 at the New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall (Scott Yoo, music director and solo violinist; Koren McCaffrey, flute and piccolo; Alice Dade, flute; and me at the harpsichord):
I Allegro giusto
II Andante Moderato
III Allegro giocoso
and the program notes I wrote for the premiere.

My setting of Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening (R. Frost) for unaccompanied mixed chorus, recorded in October by the Occidental College Glee Club under Jeffrey Bernstein. Also, a brief program note.
My ``2.5-Part Invention'' (live recording with me at the piano), and a short program note.
The ``Elegy'' I wrote in 1973, dedicated to the memory of my grandmother whom I lost in August 1972. Here's a transcription of the score.
I had written an earlier version in 1972, with the same main themes but little overall direction; the recording and score are of the version I completed under the tutelage of Yitzhak Sadaï when I was about 6.5 years old. Though not the first notes I put to paper (I still have notebooks with some 250 earlier scores), it's the first piece I worked on with Sadaï and the earliest that I still occasionally perform in public, whence the ``Op.1'' designation.
(More to come...)
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