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September 1
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September 13

September 20

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October 4

  • The “quadrilateral inequality” encountered during the geometrical solution suggest a segue to the important technique of induction. Base case (Sn0), inductive hypothesis (Sk), inductive step (Sk implies Sk+1). Variation: “strong induction” (equivalently: apply induction to the statement
    Sn: “Sk is true for each k between n0 and n”
    rather than to Sn itself). Standard examples of induction problems: sums and and other recursions, once we've guessed the answer from the pattern of the first few examples (an important problem-solving technique in general, but beware of false trails such as
    32+42=52,   33+43+53=63,  but   34+44+54+64≠74);
    maximal number of slices of a pizza produced by n straight cuts.

    Here are some more induction problems

    [October 11: no meeting — University holiday (Columbus Day)]

    October 18 (abbreviated)