Course webpage for Freshman Seminar 23j: Chess and Mathematics (Spring [2005-]2006)

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Here's the supplementary question for prospective students in the Seminar.
Here's a list of some sources and resources relevant to the seminar, including all the books and articles on reserve for the seminar at the Cabot (a.k.a. Science Center) library.
Here's an outline/review of algebraic notation for chess positions and moves.
Here are glossaries of most of the technical terms from chess and graph theory that we'll use.
February 6: Zermelo & friends:

February 13: Introduction to enumerative chess problems and some of the mathematics they lead to

February 20 (Presidents' Day): Introduction to chessboard combinatorics

February 27: Nim and Combinatorial Game Theory (CGT) in chess

March 6:

March 13:

March 20:

[March 27: Spring Break]

April 3: