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Including PostScript code

The psfig/tex and psbox packages can be used to include chunks of PostScript directly into a document. For further information about psfig/tex, type man psfig to see the manual page. The printed users' guide shows you how to obtain more varied results.

The usual tex previewing programs (xdvi, etc.) will not include the output of \psfig command in their images: a blank space will appear instead. To preview such .dvi files and see the PostScript pictures, you should use dvi2ps mythesis.dvi to obtain a PostScript version of the file (called mythesis.dvi which then can be viewed on the screen directly with the command ghostview

To use psfig, alter your \usepackage command to include psfig; e.g.

Then type


inside your document to include a PostScript file called The complete command sequence to include the picture is:


Figure 3: Eye.

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