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Viewing Your Masterpiece

  The Suns have the capability of displaying the typeset (.dvi) version of the file, without having to print it on paper. This is called previewing. This is good for making corrections in your early versions where you have lots of big mistakes.

Please! Don't print up your stuff after every correction! Laser printing is expensive! Use the previewer initially for cleaning up drastic errors. Print only the last draft or two for fine tuning.

The standard previewer is xdvi. You invoke it by typing, for example,

xdvi mythesis

to view the file mythesis.dvi. The first page of the paper will appear.

Click on the boxes on the right-hand side of the window to move around in the file or change the magnification. You can also use the mouse directly on your document to magnify one portion of it--the different buttons produce magnified rectangles of different sizes.

The keyboard commands are summarized in the manual page for xdvi, which you can read by typing man xdvi. Briefly, p moves you back, space moves you forward, and q quits. You can also type a number followed by space or p to go forward or back several pages at once. One especially useful key is capital R, which forces the .dvi file to be reread. So you can change your document in one window, run latex in another to format it , and then go to the xdvi window and type capital R to see the changes.

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