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Getting Started

  Most of us (mathematicians) begin our word processing careers with humble intentions - simply to

Get the thing typed!

These brief introductory notes are written with just that in mind. They constitute by no means exhaustive documentation on all the ``tex'' services we have available in the department (afterall, that's what the manuals exist for!) but rather address the narrow problem of ``getting the thing typed''. At the very least these notes should enable you to typeset most of your thesis (or paper or letter). For trickier stuff ask around--everyone has had to learn a trick here and there for their own special needs. If you are so inclined, poke through some of the books describing fancier techniques that can be emloyed. At present, the department has the following reference books handy (almost always):

The texbook, by Knuth--the manual for tex (a classic masterpiece).

latex: A Document Preparation System, by Lamport--the (clear and concise) manual for latex

The latex Companion, by Goossens, Mittelbach, & Samarin - describes the various extensions to latex available in the current release latex2e (lots of fun ``bells and whistles'' to check out here!).

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