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Subscripting and Superscripting

A subscript is indicated by the underscore ``_''. For example,

$\alpha_j$ gives tex2html_wrap_inline2547
$\alpha^j$ gives tex2html_wrap_inline2549
$\alpha_j^i$ gives tex2html_wrap_inline2551
$\alpha_{j^i}$ gives tex2html_wrap_inline2551

This brings us to a point about using the curly brackets {}. They are used a lot in math mode to group things together. Many math commands in tex are defined to operate on the next item which appears in the file: either a single letter, a command word, or a group delimitted by braces. For instance, the subscripting operator ``_'' can be used to subscript a single letter ($a_b$) or a single command ($a_\beta$). But if you want a subscript containing something more complicated, say tex2html_wrap_inline2555 , then you must use braces: $a_{b+\beta}$.

Another example of when the curly braces must be used is if you want the subscripts lower and smaller. Then, you would type


This applies the lowering operator twice, to yield

tex2html_wrap_inline2557 .

The expression $\alpha__j$ will generate an error message.

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