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Usually latex will take care of spacing things on the page correctly. For instance, it puts in a little extra space around Theorems to separate them from the text. However, you may occasionally want to make a space yourself in order, for example, to leave room to paste in a figure (the good old-fashioned way). To do this, use the command \vskip. It takes an argument directly following the ``p'' (without an intervening space). For example,

...the following diagram.
puts 100 points of space between the line ending at ``diagram'' and the next block of text. The argument could also have been in inches, e.g. \vskip.25in.

If you try to skip more space than there is left at the bottom of the page it will just skip to the bottom of the page. To add space at the beginning of a page, use \vglue instead of \vskip. There are some other commands which affect the spacing of text. Again, you will usually not need to use these, since latex will take care of spacing things properly.

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