The machine

In order to replace my aging dual Athlon office machine, I decided to buy a relatively cheap but qualitatively solid machine from thinkmate. The online store allows comfortabely to put the components together, not have to buy the operating system.

The case

The machine: ESX Series Intel 2000 Workstation from thinkmate in a shiny black Antec Sonata III - ATX Mid Tower case. I wanted a functional and quiet computer, where things can be modified and changed quickly.


The CPU: quadcore or core duo? I decided to have a 3 GHz core duo 8400 for a machine to work on. This 45 nm Woldale CPU has a 6MB L2 Cache. It really is not much better than the 65 nm Conroe. My old dual athlon can still be used to crunch numbers. The CPU development is so rapid that it makes more sense to buy more frequently cheaper machines.


The graphics card: I went for a new Geforce 9600 GT graphics card, evenso there are no final drivers for linux available yet. A beta version 173.08 was released on April 10, 2008 but it does not yet work for me.

The Monitor

The monitor: a 5ms - 3000:1 - 1900x1200 - Envision G416 widescreen monitor is bright and crisp. For me, 1600x1200 is a minimal resolution but 1900x1200 makes a big difference.

The OS

I installed the new Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. Also here, not all packages are there. Example: xmms.
Posted, May 6, 2008.