Fat finger scares

Oliver Knill

When working on the command line, Fat finger accidents can happen. I collect here cases, I encountered:

Command Effect Why can it happen?
mv ~/*&.jpg . all dirs from homedirectory are moved. Panik! the * and & are close together.
mv ~/*>jpg lib/pictures all dirs from home directory (except current directory) are moved. After a "cd", you will no more find any files. . and > are are the same key on the keyboard
rm * .pnm all files in the current directory are deleted touch the space bar with an other finger
cp -r ~/Documents/presentation.key/ . Moves all individual files from keynote presentation into current directory instead of directory (OS X). Hundreds of files litter the current place.tab completion adds backslash. This is a OS X thing. In linux, the directory would be copied.