Math 21b - Course Assistants

Course head: Janet Chen
Course preceptor: Yu-Wen Hsu (

Problem Sessions

You are welcome to attend any CA's problem session.

Recent research indicates that frequent testing helps people learn much more effectively than other methods of studying. Thus, in most weeks, problem session will include a short quiz testing your understanding of recent material; some time in the problem session will be spent going over the quiz. You can earn additional problem set drops by taking these quizzes and participating in the follow-up discussion: for every 3 quizzes you take, you will earn one additional problem set drop.

Day Time Course assistant Location Additional info
Sunday 5 - 6 pm Andrew SC 221 11/26 - Quiz 13
7 - 8 pm Berenger SC 104 11/26 - Quiz 13
Monday 4 - 5 pm Hyeon-Jae SC 116 11/27 - Quiz 13
Tuesday 7 - 8 pm Daniel SC 111 11/28 - Quiz 13
Thursday 5 - 6 pm Deedee SC 111 11/30 - Quiz 12
Friday 3 - 4 pm Caleb SC 109 12/1 - Quiz 12

Meet our CAs!

Daniel Chen (Email:

Hi everyone! I'm a sophomore from Vancouver, Canada in Cabot House. I'm planning to study Computer Science with a secondary in Statistics. In my free time, I enjoy playing/watching basketball, following politics, and binge watching The Office or Game of Thrones. Looking forward to a great semester!

Deedee Jiang (Email:

My name is Deedee and I am a sophomore in Eliot House. I'm most likely concentrating in sociology with a secondary in economics. I'm originally from the Bay Area (aka the best place in the world). I love ballet, dogs, and strong coffee. This will be my first semester as a CA and I'm excited to join the team!

Andrew Jing (Email:

I'm currently a junior in Winthrop house studying applied math and economics. I come from Houston, TX, love playing piano and singing, enjoy learning languages, and only recently started watching way too much TV. I love having involved discussions about everything from math21 course material to politics and space exploration. Come chat with me!

Caleb Miller (Email:

I’m a sophomore in Lowell house studying mathematics. I have a passion for both math and teaching, so I’m very excited to be a CA. In my spare time, I like to play games of all sorts(card, video, tabletop, athletic) and read.

Abdul Saleh (Email:

The first thing I tell people about myself is that I was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. The second thing I tell people about myself is: *Yes*, I've been inside a pyramid before. In fact, I can see one of the Pyramids of Giza from where I live.

When I am not sandboarding or riding camels back home (just kidding), I am studying applied math and living in Pfoho. I am also super interested in optimization, CS, and political philosophy.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about linear algebra or just want to chat about how cool Egypt is!

Hyeon-Jae Seo (Email:

I am a sophomore in Kirkland House jointly concentrating in Chemistry and Computer Science. Hailing from the sunny beaches of Hawaii, I enjoy playing piano, watching movies, and eating froyo in my free time.

Berenger Wegman (Email: berengerwegman@college)

I'm a Chem concentrator that lives in Currier.

Math Question Center

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