Some of Arthur Jaffe's recent papers
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Quantum Harmonic Analysis and Geometric Invariants, preprint, 101 pages, Advances in Mathematics, to appear. 

The Holonomy Expansion: Invariants and Approximate Supersymmetry, preprint 119 pages.
Quantum Invariants, preprint, 13 pages, Commun. Math. Phys., to appear.

Twist Positivity, preprint, 51 pages.

Reflections and Twists, preprint, 11 pages, IHES publication, to appear.

Quantum Physics, with J. Glimm, Springer 1981, 1987

Vortices and Monopoles, with C. Taubes, Birkhauser, 1980

Quantum Field Theory and Statistical Mechanics; Expositions, with J. Glimm, Birkhauser, 1985

Constructive Quantum Field Theory, Selected Papers, with J. Glimm, Birkhauser, 1985