Final Homework

The final homework assignment is the following problems taken from the course notes:
Chapter 2: 24
Chapter 3: 29
Chapter 5: 10, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21.
The last homework for Math 213a is also the final exam. It will be posted by 2pm on Friday, 1 December. It is due at 4:30pm on Wednesday, 6 December.
For this take--home final, all work should be your own. Collaboration and is not permitted. Refer only to class notes (your own and those online) and the course texts. Use of the internet, other than to consult these sources, is not permitted. Attribute any results you quote that were not covered in lecture.
The final should be either (i) sent by email to , and CC'ed to: , or (ii) handed in on paper to the staff in room 325 SC.
Yusheng will hold section and office hours as usual on Friday and Monday.
Prof. McMullen will hold special office hours at 3pm on Tuesday, 5 Dec, in room 523 SC.