Topics in Geometry and Dynamics

Homework Essays

Students needing a letter grade in this course are required to write 3 essays of between 5 and 20 typeset pages each.

These essays should exhibit a clear engagement with the course by working through problems, explaining theorems and examples, and/or elaborating topics touched on in the lectures and course notes.

An essay may provide an exposition of a topic treated in one of the recommended texts. Essays including computer graphics are welcome.

These essays are due in class, at 10 am, on the last Tuesday of each month:
First essay: Tuesday, February 24.
Second essay: Tuesday, March 31.
Third essay: Tuesday, April 28.

Essays will be graded with either a check, and check+, or a question mark. Here (check) = (satisfactory), (check+) = (exemplary), and (?) = (unclear).

The course grade will be based on class participation and the essays as a whole.