Department of Mathematics FAS Harvard University One Oxford Street Cambridge MA 02138 USA Tel: (617) 495-2171 Fax: (617) 495-5132
Faculty categories: EM: emeritus, FP: full and PP practice, BP: Benjamin Peirce Fellows, SP: senior preceptor and PR: preceptor, SL: senior lecturer and LE: lecturer, ST: department staff GR: graduate student Visitor Categories: AC: Accociate, JF: junior fellow, PD: postdoc, VS: visiting scholar,VP: visiting professor
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PDF of latest Directory | Note that the CMSA has moved to the CMSA building at 20 Garden Street.
Photo Last, First Office Telephone Email
Ackerman, Nate (AC) Nate Ackerman office: 226 tel:- email: Nate Ackerman (AC)
Adhikari, Arka (GR) Arka Adhikari office: 321b tel:Grad email: Arka Adhikari (GR)
Aggarwal, Amol (GR) Amol Aggarwal office: 324f tel:Grad email: Amol Aggarwal (GR)
Akhmedov, Anar (VS) Anar Akhmedov office: - tel:- email: Anar Akhmedov (VS)
Al-Aidroos, Jameel (SP) Jameel Al-Aidroos office: 427 tel:55735 email: Jameel Al-Aidroos (SP)
Armstrong, Maureen (ST) Maureen Armstrong office: 332 tel:51980 email: Maureen Armstrong (ST)
Auroux, Denis (FP) Denis Auroux office: 539 tel:55487 email: Denis Auroux (FP)
Balibanu, Ana (BP) Ana Balibanu office: 236 tel:64492 email: Ana Balibanu (BP)
Ball, Andrew (ST) Andrew Ball office: 242h tel:61986 email: Andrew Ball (ST)
Bamberg, Paul (SL) Paul Bamberg office: 322 tel:59560 email: Paul Bamberg (SL)
Bejleri, Dori (BP) Dori Bejleri office: - tel:- email: Dori Bejleri (BP)
Belanger-Rioux, Rosalie (PR) Rosalie Belanger-Rioux office: 230 tel:54744 email: Rosalie Belanger-Rioux (PR)
Boger, Dorin (PD) Dorin Boger office: 226 tel:52124 email: Dorin Boger (PD)
Boney, William (BP) William Boney office: 238 tel:68366 email: William Boney (BP)
Braley, Emily (PR) Emily Braley office: 231 tel:60459 email: Emily Braley (PR)
Brandhorst, Simon (PD) Simon Brandhorst office: 226 tel:52124 email: Simon Brandhorst (PD)
Brennecke, Christian (BP) Christian Brennecke office: 239 tel:58797 email: Christian Brennecke (BP)
Brentana, Pamela (ST) Pamela Brentana office: 325 tel:55334 email: Pamela Brentana (ST)
Cain, Wes (SL) Wes Cain office: 515 tel:51790 email: Wes Cain (SL)
Cass, Robert (GR) Robert Cass office: 242d tel:Grad email: Robert Cass (GR)
Chavez-Sarmiento, Raul (GR) Raul Chavez-Sarmiento office: 428e tel:Grad email: Raul Chavez-Sarmiento (GR)
Chen, Diana (ST) Diana Chen office: 325a tel:64518 email: Diana Chen (ST)
Chen, Janet (SP) Janet Chen office: 429 tel:52168 email: Janet Chen (SP)
Chen, Lin (GR) Lin Chen office: 421d tel:Grad email: Lin Chen (GR)
Cheung, Man-Wai (BP) Man-Wai Cheung office: 505h tel:51496 email: Man-Wai Cheung (BP)
Chua, Dexter (GR) Dexter Chua office: 428a tel:Grad email: Dexter Chua (GR)
Demers, Matthew (PR) Matthew Demers office: 209 tel:54916 email: Matthew Demers (PR)
Dor, Yuval (GR) Yuval Dor office: 333f tel:Grad email: Yuval Dor (GR)
Dunham, William (VP) William Dunham office: 327 tel:- email: William Dunham (VP)
Elkies, Noam (FP) Noam Elkies office: 335 tel:54625 email: Noam Elkies (FP)
Elmanto, Elden (BP) Elden Elmanto office: - tel:- email: Elden Elmanto (BP)
Fan, Yu-Wei (GR) Yu-Wei Fan office: 425c tel:Grad email: Yu-Wei Fan (GR)
Freund, David (LE) David Freund office: 209 tel:- email: David Freund (LE)
Fu, Yuchen (GR) Yuchen Fu office: 426e tel:Grad email: Yuchen Fu (GR)
Fung, Jun-Hou (GR) Jun-Hou Fung office: 333g tel:Grad email: Jun-Hou Fung (GR)
Gaer, Arthur (ST) Arthur Gaer office: 426h tel:51610 email: Arthur Gaer (ST)
Gaitsgory, Dennis (FP) Dennis Gaitsgory office: 338 tel:55363 email: Dennis Gaitsgory (FP)
Gamarnik, David (LE) David Gamarnik office: 333i tel:55377 email: David Gamarnik (LE)
Gerig, Chris (PD) Chris Gerig office: 226a tel:- email: Chris Gerig (PD)
Ghang, Whan (GR) Whan Ghang office: 333h tel:Grad email: Whan Ghang (GR)
Gimre, Karsten (PD) Karsten Gimre office: 524a tel:55572 email: Karsten Gimre (PD)
Glazer, Elliot (GR) Elliot Glazer office: 426d tel:Grad email: Elliot Glazer (GR)
Goldberg, Gabriel (GR) Gabriel Goldberg office: 426a tel:Grad email: Gabriel Goldberg (GR)
Gotti, Felix (GR) Felix Gotti office: 431e tel:Grad email: Felix Gotti (GR)
Gottlieb, Robin (PP) Robin Gottlieb office: 430 tel:57882 email: Robin Gottlieb (PP)
Gross, Benedict (EM) Benedict Gross office: - tel:- email: Benedict Gross (EM)
Grundmeier, Dusty (PR) Dusty Grundmeier office: 225 tel:69122 email: Dusty Grundmeier (PR)
Guerra, Jill (PR) Jill Guerra office: 209 tel:- email: Jill Guerra (PR)
Gunby, Benjamin (GR) Benjamin Gunby office: 421e tel:Grad email: Benjamin Gunby (GR)
Han, Changho (GR) Changho Han office: 431d tel:Grad email: Changho Han (GR)
Hanlon, Andrew (GR) Andrew Hanlon office: 333e tel:Grad email: Andrew Hanlon (GR)
Harris, Joseph (FP) Joseph Harris office: 339 tel:55335 email: Joseph Harris (FP)
Hironaka, Heisuke (EM) Heisuke Hironaka office: - tel:- email: Heisuke Hironaka (EM)
Hopkins, Michael (FP) Michael Hopkins office: 508 tel:69520 email: Michael Hopkins (FP)
Hsu, Chi-Yun (GR) Chi-Yun Hsu office: 324e tel:Grad email: Chi-Yun Hsu (GR)
Hsu, Yu-Wen (PR) Yu-Wen Hsu office: 420 tel:55340 email: Yu-Wen Hsu (PR)
Huang, Jiaoyang (GR) Jiaoyang Huang office: 425e tel:Grad email: Jiaoyang Huang (GR)
Hyeon, David (LE) David Hyeon office: 518 tel:- email: David Hyeon (LE)
Jagannath, Aukosh (BP) Aukosh Jagannath office: 233 tel:60829 email: Aukosh Jagannath (BP)
Jeffs, Maxim (GR) Maxim Jeffs office: 431c tel:Grad email: Maxim Jeffs (GR)
Jimenez, Cindy (ST) Cindy Jimenez office: 334 tel:59116 email: Cindy Jimenez (ST)
Junkins, Caroline (PR) Caroline Junkins office: 209 tel:54916 email: Caroline Junkins (PR)
Kazhdan, David (EM) David Kazhdan office: Huji tel:TelHuji email: David Kazhdan (EM)
Kelly, Brendan (SP) Brendan Kelly office: 422 tel:59580 email: Brendan Kelly (SP)
Kennedy, Larissa (ST) Larissa Kennedy office: 331 tel:65211 email: Larissa Kennedy (ST)
Kim, Donghyun (GR) Donghyun Kim office: 421a tel:Grad email: Donghyun Kim (GR)
King, Jon (ST) Jon King office: 325a tel:617-998-1831 email: Jon King (ST)
Kisin, Mark (FP) Mark Kisin office: 234 tel:61516 email: Mark Kisin (FP)
Knill, Oliver (PR) Oliver Knill office: 432 tel:55549 email: Oliver Knill (PR)
Knudsen, Ben (PD) Ben Knudsen office: 520 tel:63399 email: Ben Knudsen (PD)
Kreslavskaya, Anna (ST) Anna Kreslavskaya office: 320 tel:51946 email: Anna Kreslavskaya (ST)
Kronheimer, Peter (FP) Peter Kronheimer office: 343 tel:55745 email: Peter Kronheimer (FP)
Kupers, Alexander (BP) Alexander Kupers office: 333i tel:55377 email: Alexander Kupers (BP)
LaBauve, Sarah (ST) Sarah LaBauve office: 103G tel:65421 email: Sarah LaBauve (ST)
Lam, Joshua (GR) Joshua Lam office: 428f tel:Grad email: Joshua Lam (GR)
Lee, Mitchell (GR) Mitchell Lee office: 426c tel:Grad email: Mitchell Lee (GR)
Lee, Si-Ying (GR) Si-Ying Lee office: 428c tel:Grad email: Si-Ying Lee (GR)
Lemm, Marius (BP) Marius Lemm office: 237 tel:66978 email: Marius Lemm (BP)
Leon-Guerrero, Gaby (ST) Gaby Leon-Guerrero office: 103G tel:52141 email: Gaby Leon-Guerrero (ST)
Li, Siyan (GR) Siyan Li office: 505a tel:Grad email: Siyan Li (GR)
Lin, Kevin (GR) Kevin Lin office: 324d tel:Grad email: Kevin Lin (GR)
Long, Gabriel (GR) Gabriel Long office: 431f tel:Grad email: Gabriel Long (GR)
Lopatto, Patrick (GR) Patrick Lopatto office: 428c tel:Grad email: Patrick Lopatto (GR)
Luo, Yusheng (GR) Yusheng Luo office: 242c tel:Grad email: Yusheng Luo (GR)
Lurie, Jacob (FP) Jacob Lurie office: 514 tel:59493 email: Jacob Lurie (FP)
Maloney, Ryan (ST) Ryan Maloney office: 105G tel:67132 email: Ryan Maloney (ST)
Mao, Yixiang (GR) Yixiang Mao office: 242e tel:Grad email: Yixiang Mao (GR)
Marcinek, Jake (GR) Jake Marcinek office: 242b tel:Grad email: Jake Marcinek (GR)
Maskin, Eric (FP) Eric Maskin office: Lit312 tel:51746 email: Eric Maskin (FP)
Mazur, Barry (FP) Barry Mazur office: 512 tel:53352 email: Barry Mazur (FP)
McColl, Stephanie (ST) Stephanie McColl office: 325 tel:52141 email: Stephanie McColl (ST)
McMullen, Curtis (FP) Curtis McMullen office: 523 tel:50396 email: Curtis McMullen (FP)
Menzies, Max (GR) Max Menzies office: 321f tel:Grad email: Max Menzies (GR)
Milano, Susan (ST) Susan Milano office: 308 tel:64203 email: Susan Milano (ST)
Miller, Alison (BP) Alison Miller office: 527 tel:49560 email: Alison Miller (BP)
Miller, Nancy (ST) Nancy Miller office: 337 tel:52147 email: Nancy Miller (ST)
Minder, Irene (ST) Irene Minder office: 329 tel:52170 email: Irene Minder (ST)
Moreland, Gwyneth (GR) Gwyneth Moreland office: 505f tel:Grad email: Gwyneth Moreland (GR)
Mumford, David (EM) David Mumford office: Brown University tel:TelBrown email: David Mumford (EM)
Nie, Tian (GR) Tian Nie office: 333c tel:Grad email: Tian Nie (GR)
Nina, Zipser (LE) Zipser Nina office: - tel:- email: Zipser Nina (LE)
Nowak, Martin (FP) Martin Nowak office: One Brattle Sq, Suite 6 tel:64737 email: @ Martin Nowak (FP)
Opie, Morgan (GR) Morgan Opie office: 505g tel:Grad email: Morgan Opie (GR)
Park, Peter (GR) Peter Park office: 321c tel:Grad email: Peter Park (GR)
Park, Sung (GR) Sung Park office: 321e tel:Grad email: Sung Park (GR)
Patino, Andrea (ST) Andrea Patino office: 323 tel:69200 email: Andrea Patino (ST)
Paul, Stepan (PR) Stepan Paul office: 209 tel:54916 email: Stepan Paul (PR)
Penner, Kate (PR) Kate Penner office: 223 tel:68311 email: Kate Penner (PR)
Petrov, Aleksandr (GR) Aleksandr Petrov office: 428b tel:Grad email: Aleksandr Petrov (GR)
Picard, Sebastien (BP) Sebastien Picard office: 235 tel:61561 email: Sebastien Picard (BP)
Qin, Yingdi (GR) Yingdi Qin office: 428d tel:Grad email: Yingdi Qin (GR)
Sacks, Gerald (EM) Gerald Sacks office: - tel:- email: Gerald Sacks (EM)
Schmid, Wilfried (FP) Wilfried Schmid office: 519 tel:57840 email: Wilfried Schmid (FP)
Shah, Syed-Waqar-Ali (GR) Syed-Waqar-Ali Shah office: 536 tel:Grad email: Syed-Waqar-Ali Shah (GR)
Sherman-Bennett, Melissa (GR) Melissa Sherman-Bennett office: 425b tel:Grad email: Melissa Sherman-Bennett (GR)
Shi, Xiaolin (GR) Xiaolin Shi office: 533 tel:Grad email: Xiaolin Shi (GR)
Siu, Yum-Tong (FP) Yum-Tong Siu office: 511 tel:53790 email: Yum-Tong Siu (FP)
Smith, Alexander (GR) Alexander Smith office: 421f tel:Grad email: Alexander Smith (GR)
Smith, Geoffrey (GR) Geoffrey Smith office: 321e tel:Grad email: Geoffrey Smith (GR)
Spink, Hunter (GR) Hunter Spink office: 531 tel:Grad email: Hunter Spink (GR)
Sternberg, Shlomo (EM) Shlomo Sternberg office: - tel:- email: Shlomo Sternberg (EM)
Sun, Weifeng (GR) Weifeng Sun office: 421c tel:Grad email: Weifeng Sun (GR)
Tate, John (EM) John Tate office: 342 tel:- email: John Tate (EM)
Taubes, Cliff (FP) Cliff Taubes office: 504 tel:55579 email: Cliff Taubes (FP)
Torkaman, Tina (GR) Tina Torkaman office: 505b tel:Grad email: Tina Torkaman (GR)
Tripathy, Arnav (BP) Arnav Tripathy office: 535 tel:52210 email: Arnav Tripathy (BP)
Tseng, Dennis (GR) Dennis Tseng office: 421g tel:Grad email: Dennis Tseng (GR)
Tshishiku, Bena (BP) Bena Tshishiku office: 525 tel:52334 email: Bena Tshishiku (BP)
Ullery, Brooke (BP) Brooke Ullery office: 503 tel:51349 email: Brooke Ullery (BP)
Vasey, Sebastien (BP) Sebastien Vasey office: 321h tel:51039 email: Sebastien Vasey (BP)
Vashuk, Elena (ST) Elena Vashuk office: 325 tel:52171 email: Elena Vashuk (ST)
Walker, Hakim (PR) Hakim Walker office: 421h tel:66337 email: Hakim Walker (PR)
Wang, Charles (GR) Charles Wang office: 421b tel:Grad email: Charles Wang (GR)
Wang, Joshua (GR) Joshua Wang office: 425a tel:Grad email: Joshua Wang (GR)
Ward, Abigail (GR) Abigail Ward office: 431a tel:Grad email: Abigail Ward (GR)
Whitney, Glen (LE) Glen Whitney office: 506 tel:- email: Glen Whitney (LE)
Williams, Lauren (FP) Lauren Williams office: 510 tel:51727 email: Lauren Williams (FP)
Winsor, Karl (GR) Karl Winsor office: 505d tel:Grad email: Karl Winsor (GR)
Woodin, Hugh (FP) Hugh Woodin office: 513 tel:58796 email: Hugh Woodin (FP)
Xu, Kai (GR) Kai Xu office: 333d tel:Grad email: Kai Xu (GR)
Xu, Yujie (GR) Yujie Xu office: - tel:Grad email: Yujie Xu (GR)
Yang, David (GR) David Yang office: 532 tel:Grad email: David Yang (GR)
Yang, Lucy (GR) Lucy Yang office: 425f tel:Grad email: Lucy Yang (GR)
Yang, Yuxuan(Nathaniel) (GR) Yuxuan(Nathaniel) Yang office: 426b tel:Grad email: Yuxuan(Nathaniel) Yang (GR)
Yang, Ziquan (GR) Ziquan Yang office: 425d tel:Grad email: Ziquan Yang (GR)
Yao, Zijian (GR) Zijian Yao office: 242f tel:Grad email: Zijian Yao (GR)
Yau, Horng-Tzer (FP) Horng-Tzer Yau office: 240 tel:68425 email: Horng-Tzer Yau (FP)
Yau, Shing-Tung (FP) Shing-Tung Yau office: 340 tel:50836 email: Shing-Tung Yau (FP)
Ye, Lynnelle (GR) Lynnelle Ye office: 431g tel:Grad email: Lynnelle Ye (GR)
Zemke, Drew (PR) Drew Zemke office: 423 tel:52482 email: Drew Zemke (PR)
Zhang, Yongquan (GR) Yongquan Zhang office: 426f tel:Grad email: Yongquan Zhang (GR)
Zhao, Yifei (GR) Yifei Zhao office: 321g tel:Grad email: Yifei Zhao (GR)

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