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Summer, 2016: I teach the multivariable course this summer. The spectra shown in this Summer 2016 icon are of matrices of the form A(n,m) = cos(a n m + b m) where a,b are Diophantine irrationals. See youtube. Do you see the flying car in Allston?
Spring, 2016: I teach the linear algebra course Math21b (Canvas admin), this spring semester. Providence end of year. New in graph geometry: Gauss-Bonnet for multi-linear valuations and some slides on Wu characteristic with miniblog, a row reduction, determinant, and PDE song. Some winter 2016 and spring 2016 photos.
Fall, 2015: I teach multivariable Math21a (Canvas)), this fall as well as Math 320E in the Extension school (Canvas)). New in graph geometry: Spectra of barycentric refinements:ArXiv (miniblog) as well as a a discrete Sard result (miniblog) and more Chladni pictures. Photos of Summer 2015 travels, a Freshmen advising lunch, and November river panoramas. A rewrite of universality. On Barycentric characteristic numbers.
Summer, 2015: I teach the multivariable course this summer. New in graph geometry: a Cartesian product (ArXiv). During a Santorini 2015, wrote on Jordan-Brouwer-Schoenflies theorem. Techno demos: Double pendulum and Chirikov or Game of Life demo in JS or Chladni figures for a graph. Projects in Maths21a. Run in Baltschiedertal.
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Oliver Knill, Department of Mathematics, Harvard University, One Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA. SciCenter 432 Tel: (617) 495 5549, Email: knill@math.harvard.edu. Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Linkedin Scholar Harvard Google plus Ello Spring 2015 office hours: Mon-Fri 4-5 PM (Tue later 4:30-5:30) and by appointment.