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FRG workshop 2016

FRG workshop on Special Holonomy geometry, Mirror and Supersymmetry, May 9-10 2016, SAC 507

Simons collaboration

Simons Collaboration on Homological Mirror Symmetry May 6-8 2016

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Next Seminar 04/30/16:Manjul Bhargava (Princeon), Barry Mazur (Harvard), Matt Brown (Writer and Director), Stephen Wolfram (CEO, Wolfram Research), Robert Kanigel (Author): The Man Who Knew Infinity: Bringing Mathematics to the Silver Screen, more...
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04/26/2016 Partition Party, by Hannah Larson. More ... mathtable talk

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News and Announcements

Please congratulate the recipients of the Department's undergraduate prizes and awards:
  • David Mumford Undergraduate Mathematics Prize: from the income of the gift in 1997 of Peter L. Falb, A.B. 1957, A.M. 1957, Ph.D. 1961 to establish the David B. Mumford Undergraduate Mathematics Prize, to be given annually to the most promising senior concentrator in mathematics, provided such concentrator is outstanding. The Mumford Prize is awarded in 2016 to Aaron Landesman.
  • Wister Prize: From a bequest of Charles J. Wister, a prize is awarded in alternate years to the Senior concentrating in Mathematics or Music who has the highest record in his/her field of concentration. In 2014-16 the prize is open to concentrators in Mathematics. The Wister Prize is awarded in 2016 to Sitan Chen.
  • Herb Alexander Award: from the gift of Susan Alexander, the Herb Alexander Award recognizes each year one of our outstanding undergraduates, and provides money to be used for research and travel. The Herb Alexander Award is given this year to Kate Donahue.
  • Robert Fletcher Rogers Prizes: From the income of the gift in 1921 of the late Robert Fletcher Rogers, A.B. 1886, there have been established a first prize and second prize to be awarded annually to the College students who present the best talks before the Mathematics Table during an academic year. The Robert Fletcher Rogers Prizes are given this year to Hannah Larson, Nat Mayer, and Ashvin Swaminathan.
  • Friends Prize: Each year, two of our senior thesis writers are selected to present talks on their theses to the Friends of the Harvard Math department. The Friends prizes are given this year to Aaron Landesman and Xiaoyu He. Congratulations again to all of our award recipients for their excellent work.

The man who knew infinity

Saturday, April 30, 2016, at 3:30 - 4:45 pm in Science Center, Hall D: event on "The Man who knew infinity." an upcoming film about the life and work of mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. Poster [PDF]. Participants include: Manjul Bhargava (Princeton), Barry Mazur (Harvard), Matt Brown (Writer and Director), Stephen Wolfram (CEO, Wolfram Research), Robert Kanigel (author of the biography The Man Who Knew Infinity).

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