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Undergraduate Events

Build with us, See some photos
Build with Why Do Math of May 1, 2019 For all undergraduate events click here.

Math CAS for 2019

The Math course assistant application process is open. Both for MA-21b and upper level course assistants Math 22-.

Job advertisement for 2019

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Course Catalog

Courses can be searched on the Course catalog. The PDF of the 2019/2020 calendar is currently not yet available. Information about upper level course assistants is as usual on the upperlevel CA page. Math Night, weekly problem-set nights for upper-level courses starts on February 4th, 2019.


There are currently no seminars lined up. Keep posted here ...
Latest Math event:
04/30/2019 Distributed Graph Coloring, by Noah Golowich . More ... mathtable talk
See also the Undergraduate events page.

Summer 2019 Tutorials

Summer Tutorials 2019 :
Check out the descriptions on the Summer tutorial page. An overview of the tutorials is given on Wednesday, May 1, 4 PM in SC 507. The sign-up deadline for the Summer tutorials 2019 is May 22, 2019.

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Photos of Calabi-Yau and GR, 2019

buildwithus bildwithus
Build with us, See some photos

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News and Announcements

Hertz Foundation

Congratulations to Noah Golowich (Math and Computer science) and Alex Atanasov (physics) for becoming Hertz fellows. The winners are: Carnegie Mellon University: Machine Learning - Benjamin Eysenbach; Computer Science - Bailey Flanigan, Harvard University: Mathematics and Computer Science - Noah Golowich; Physics - Alex Atanasov, Johns Hopkins University: Biophysics and Mathematics - Melissa Mai, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Computer Science - Dylan Cable, Stanford University: Mathematics - Nina Zubrilina; Mathematics and Computer Science - Nitya Mani, UC Berkeley: Electrical Engineering Jordan Edmunds, UC Santa Barbara: Physics - Dolev Bluvstein, University of Colorado Denver: Medical Science - Jacqueline Turner, University of Wisconsin-Madison: Biomedical Engineering - Bailey Flanigan.

Putnam 2018 results

Please join to congratulate the Harvard's team for finishing first place in this year's Putnam competition. Special congratulations to David Stoner, Daniel Kim and Shyam Narayanan for being named Putnam Fellows. Congratulations also to Richard Xu and Siye Zhu for Honorable Mentions.

See the putnam page. Results

The news and events page shows older announcements ...

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