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Information about upper level course assistants is as usual on the upperlevel CA page. Math Night, weekly problem-set nights for upper-level courses starts on February 4th, 2019.


Next Seminar 03/19/19:Artan Sheshmani: Intersections of Lagrangians, more...
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03/12/2019 Are knots a group?, by Natalia Pacheco-Tallaj. More ... mathtable talk
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Colloquium Pi-Day

Speaker: Emmy Murphy (Northwestern University) Title: Flexibility in contact and symplectic geometry Time: Thurs at 4:30pm. Tea will be served at 4pm in the common room. Abstract: We discuss a number of h-principle phenomena which were recently discovered in the field of contact and symplectic geometry. In generality, an h-principle is a method for constructing global solutions to underdetermined PDEs on manifolds by systematically localizing boundary conditions. In symplectic and contact geometry, these strategies typically are well suited for general constructions and partial classifications. Some of the results we discuss are the characterization of smooth manifolds admitting contact structures, high dimensional overtwistedness, the symplectic classification of flexible Stein manifolds, and the construction of exotic Lagrangians in Cn. The colloquium talk will aim at people at different levels in the department. Experts or non-experts in symplectic geometry are welcomed to attend. There will be another talk by Emmy on Friday in the Gauge-topology-symplectic seminar for professionals.

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Piday 2019

Piday 2019

Putnam 2018 results

Please join to congratulate the Harvard's team for finishing first place in this year's Putnam competition. Special congratulations to David Stoner, Daniel Kim and Shyam Narayanan for being named Putnam Fellows. Congratulations also to Richard Xu and Siye Zhu for Honorable Mentions.

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Upcoming conferences 2019

Simons Collaboration on Homological Mirror Symmetry, March 18-20, 2019

Differential Geometry, Calbi-Yau Theory and General Relativity, May 2-5, 2019

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